Barbara Kennedy    


My name is Barbara Kennedy and I am a graduate of the University of Illinois at
Chicago (UIC) with a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design and a Minor in Photography.
I am currently an Associate Graphic Designer for Morningstar Inc. where I work on
the Documents and Publishing team. I work on Morningstar’s investment newsletters,
StockInvestor, FundInvestor, DividendInvestor, and ETFInvestor, as well as a variety
of other reports. Designing for a financial company allows me to visually communicate
complex information in a user friendly way.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been drawn to art and design. It was just
a thing I was good at, something I enjoyed, but it wasn’t until high school that I
discovered it was my passion, the place where I fit in. I have been able to
experiment with all types of media, allowing me to establish my strengths and
weaknesses as an artist. Graphic Design allows me to express myself in a
way that combines many types of art with endless possibilities. I have learned
that design tells a story, whether with type itself or through imagery, it
always conveys a message and gives the designer a problem to solve. Design is a
challenge and with each problem lies a unique solution, providing a new and
exciting experience each time, making design a lifelong adventure.

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